Privacy & Legal

Agreement Disclaimer:

The signing of this agreement on behalf of the customer warrants that the signee has the authority to commit the client to the entire agreement and also confirms that this agreement is a binding agreement between two businesses. If any payments for the customer are made through a credit card, debit card, bank transfer, or demand draft that is not in the customer’s name or the customer’s business name, then it is the sole responsibility of the customer to reimburse any and all payments to the card or bank account holder from which the payment was made on behalf of the customer.

Our Payment Terms and Conditions:

We will accept payments of services through the paypal only.

Please note that if paying by cheque, we will not commence on any work until the standard  working days have passed since we received the cheque. This allows for time for the cheque to clear our bank.

Our Money Back Policy:

We have complete confidence in our ability to perform expert work in the website optimisation of our customers. Should the customer be displeased with our services, they may send a refund request to our email at: Please include the reasons for your refund request. Once we receive the request, we will investigate the reasons for your dissatisfaction to determine the validity of any and all claims for the purpose of deducting the proper amount of fees that refer to your specific refund request. Your refund will be processed as soon as possible through a company cheque.

This is in addition to our money back guarantee. If, six months after engagement we have been unable to place your website onto the first result’s page of or whichever search engine was specified then we will refund all of the monthly payments. We won’t take any payment or undertake any work if we feel that the phrase you want will not get a first page result for your site.

Loss of Service:

DigitalSEO24 accepts no liability in the case of a loss of service, files being unavailable or inaccessible, damage of data, misuse of equipment by other clients, failure or breakdown of externally managed equipment, or any communication devices or services that are beyond the control of DigitalSEO24.


We do not in any way have or offer any affiliate/reseller type of program. We do not have resellers or affiliates. We only accept outsourced project requests if there is a true benefit to the customer and there is a written agreement. It is important to note that DigitalSEO24 will hold no responsibility for a third party outsourced business.

We will never ask for any of your financial information.

You should only share your personal usernames and passwords once you have signed your agreement.

If DigitalSEO24 must create any accounts for the work carried out, then we will make every effort to make the email address and password the customer’s own email address and password so that the customer has complete control over the account. All accounts that are created will be fully documented and sent to the customer via email.

If you receive any strange emails, phishing requests, or fake emails please report them immediately to and do not respond to the email or open any attachments that are included.

We will never have a third party contact you by email or by phone unless this is a part of the original written agreement or has been agreed upon through email beforehand.