Explanation of SEO Services

DigitalSEO24  Services

The initial contact of the Client via the DigitalSEO24 contact form should specify the domain, web page and desired search phrase. DigitalSEO24 will then investigate whether it can promote the specified page to Page One on Google.com or Google.in or some other regional Google site as specified by The Client. DigitalSEO24 may suggest alternative phrases that it believes will lead to higher traffic when the web page is on Page One of Google’s results.

Search Engine Optimization: Explanation of Services

By entering into a contract with DigitalSEO24 the client asserts that they have read and are aware of the following statement:

Search Engines, particular Google have proprietary algorithms, techniques and software that affect how search results are ordered for a given search. These algorithms etc. change periodically with a consequent change in ordering. DigitalSEO24 tracks these changes in order to minimize down time when Your Site drops out of Page One’s results. It also means that while we may be able to guarantee that your site will eventually be located on Page One, we cannot say exactly what ranking Your Site will have on Page One or how much traffic this will bring.

While a top ten ranking assignment means that the customer’s page will be placed in the top ten in a search result, this can take up to 20 weeks to occur as we upload optimization to the customer’s website. While Google results are often displayed on other search engine sites, DigitalSEO24 is solely focused on producing optimized results for the Google search engine only. It is our primary goal to increase visibility and to gain a higher search engine rank for our clients. This again, applies only to Google.

DigitalSEO24 must thoroughly stress that there is no guarantee to our services. We do not have the ability to offer an ironclad guarantee on the rank that our customers will receive. We also cannot calculate or even estimate the amount of increased traffic that will occur as a result of our optimization services. Marketing online is unpredictable and DigitalSEO24 cannot in any way guarantee the position that a site will earn except that it will be on the first page.

DigitalSEO24 must be granted the right to optimize our customer’s website. This can sometimes cause a slight visual impact, but is normally not noticeable. We will work with our customers to ensure that the page is left intact and that only the most minimal of changes takes place.

Our customers must supply DigitalSEO24 with their logins and passwords for FTP purposes to allow us full access to the website. DigitalSEO24 will fully protect all login and password information, keeping it under the tightest security. It is vital that customers inform their webmaster and any other individuals that work with their website that DigitalSEO24 is optimizing the website.

DigitalSEO24 will make the final and complete decision on which search engines they deem most important to work with, however it’s almost always going to be Google.com, .in or some other local variant. We will base our decision solely on these factors: content, location, language, popularity or any other attribute that we feel is important to consider.

DigitalSEO24 will suggest phrases that search engine users will search for at their discretion. The positioning of these words will be used in the optimization process. A listing is the search result page of a word or phrase that DigitalSEO24 has typed into a search engine. This will provide the positioning of the customer’s website in the search engine listing. The customer’s website name and possibly links to the customer’s website will be included in the listing. The words that DigitalSEO24 chooses will be for test purposes and will be considered a test phrase. Although these websites and links will be listed with other testing phrases, there will be only one single test phrase in the report that we prepare.

All notices must be in writing. All notices and communication to DigitalSEO24 must be addressed correctly to DigitalSEO24 ( Jaipur, Rajasthan, India) or other such addresses as supplied directly from DigitalSEO24. Notices that are sent from DigitalSEO24 to our clients will be considered valid if they are sent to the mailing address as it appears in our terms of service agreement or such address as was supplied by our customer in writing.

(5) In case of any invalidity or un-enforceability of any portion of this agreement shall in no way affect, impair, or nullify any other portion of this provision. No waiver of the due rights that DigitalSEO24 has under the protection of this agreement shall occur due to any failure of DigitalSEO24 to successfully enforce any portion of this agreement.